Mailing customers quickly and securely


At blp, our direct mail activities are completed on one site, in a 100% mail environment, allowing us to guarantee each piece of mail is sent and accounted for. Our unique ‘single site service’ offers complete control over each stage of your project, reducing overall lead times and keeping costs within budget. This is especially important for time sensitive projects.   

The challenge

Our client, a telematic car insurance provider, needed a trusted direct mail partner who could manage large volumes of customer data and deliver daily communications within a strict timescale. 

Young and inexperienced drivers are traditionally considered high-risk. When an insurance policy is taken out, customers will receive a welcome pack containing the relevant policy documents, with renewal invites sent throughout the lifetime of their policy. Due to the nature of car insurance, it’s imperative information is received quickly, not only to confirm the correct cover is in place, but as a regulatory requirement. Each pack would contain a personalised welcome letter, policy documentation, and printed terms and conditions. 

The blp solution

Our client provided the base files, which included the standard artwork format and content layout. We uploaded the customer data via our IS0 27001 certified Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) making sure data couldn’t be compromised. Our team of experts wrote a custom code, which pulled the data into the correct format for printing in-house. The data was then ‘sorted’ into postcode areas. Pre-sorting the data in this way provides cost savings to the postal element of the project.

Customer information must be handled in a specific manner, as policy holder information includes sensitive data. It was vital each document in the pack was sent to the correct person, with no room for error. When compiling the data, barcodes were added to make sure each pack contained the correct information. blp uses camera matching technology to read the unique barcode and match the documents before enclosing them into the final envelope. Documents are tracked and recorded throughout the process, making sure any inconsistencies are not only identified but can be rectified so every pack is accounted for. Each pack was then collected by the chosen postal service and distributed to the policy holders. 

The results

The insurance sector is a highly regulated environment, which means that these daily communications were time sensitive, with strict deadlines attached. Once the customer data was received, it was processed, compiled, printed, enclosed, and sent out within 24 hours. At blp, we have the capabilities to meet their delivery requirements and the experience and procedures in place for handling sensitive data securely. 

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