The flexibility to turn around CAD samples quickly


Creating a physical CAD sample for customers is an important part of the design process. It shows what the chosen design will look like and lets customers compare different designs.

The challenge

Our client supplies manufacturing and packaging consumables around the world. They were due to meet with a well-known global client to present CAD samples but were unexpectedly let down by their existing supplier at the last minute. 

With time running out, they began contacting potential suppliers to see if they could provide the much-needed CAD samples for their pending meeting, but with the turnaround time being so tight, they were struggling to find help.

The blp solution

They contacted us to see if we could help with this urgent request. It was an important meeting for the client, and we certainly didn’t want to let them down. They needed the CAD samples within a matter of hours. The implications of them turning up empty-handed could cause a delay to their project. 

Our in-house design team accepted the challenge and got to work straight away, keeping in contact at each stage to make sure we understood the client’s exact requirements. Any misinterpretation could lead to them missing their deadline. 

We completed the project quickly, providing their urgent CAD samples ahead of their client meeting. The client approved the designs, and the project moved forward. 

The results 

No two requests are the same – at blp, we take a flexible approach with each project to achieve the very best results for our clients. With the success of their client meeting, we were thrilled to be asked to provide the custom printed packaging for this project.

Our capabilities

The very highest standards

Case Studies

Making a statement with custom packaging

You want your brand to be meaningful and to connect with customers. That’s why first impressions count. The packaging is as much a part of your brand as the product itself. Custom packaging can have a lasting impact and is a chance to engage with and delight your customers.

The ability to see a project through from design to delivery

blp’s in-house capabilities mean we can complete a combination of services on one site, from packaging development, printed packaging and co-packing to storage and mailing, giving us full control over every stage of a project. This helps keep costs within budget and reduces overall lead times, which is particularly important for time-sensitive projects. 

Finding a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging

With sustainability continuing to be at the forefront of consumers’ minds when making their purchase decisions, it’s never been more important for companies to show positive changes. Alternative substrates produced from recycled, or recyclable materials, are some of the many options available for consideration.

Delivering print and co-packing from one place

When it comes to co-packing services, many clients just don’t have the in-house capabilities to complete the project themselves. With a designated packing facility, our skilled packing teams make light work of some of the most demanding projects.

The flexibility to turn around CAD samples quickly

Creating a physical CAD sample for customers is an important part of the design process. It shows what the chosen design will look like and lets customers compare different designs.

Packaging Development

Our experienced packaging development team has nearly 40 years’ experience in all aspects of printed packaging. Coupled with the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, blp can provide you with the solution that best fits your project needs. Packaging Development

To make sure your packaging remains secure and fit for purpose throughout its journey, we put each design through rigorous testing, from postal and transit testing through to security and drop testing.

We use the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, which means we can provide you with an interactive 3D simulation of your packaging design. Using this software means you can get a 360-degree view. If there are aspects you’d like to change, we can make these amends quickly and send it back to you for approval. Not only does this mean you receive the designs instantly, it also saves time and delivery costs associated with sending multiple physical samples.

With our extensive in-house capabilities, we can provide a range of samples at every stage of your project. We use the latest CAD software to produce 3D interactive simulation of your packaging design. This 360-degree view means you can review each aspect of your initial design, and we can make changes instantly. Using this software is beneficial for the early stages of the packaging development process when you need to visualise your ideas. We can also supply white CAD carton board samples – this physical sample gives you the opportunity to review the construction of your packaging design. Once approved, we can provide additional colour samples, printed on your chosen substrate so you can visualise your final products. We can also provide digital colour prints and wet proofs to ensure a perfect colour match of your final print.

We understand artwork can change throughout a project. Our highly capable design team is on hand to help with any artwork amends, no matter the complexity.

blp can provide several samples, suitable for each stage of your project. When a colour mock-up is needed, we have the in-house capabilities to provide a full colour sample, printed onto your chosen substrate. These high-quality samples are representative of the finish of your completed product.

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