Finding a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging


With sustainability continuing to be at the forefront of consumers’ minds when making their purchase decisions, it’s never been more important for companies to show positive changes. Alternative substrates produced from recycled, or recyclable materials, are some of the many options available for consideration.

The challenge

blp was approached by a well-known FMCG client wanting to remove all plastic packaging from one of their bestselling product ranges.

The challenges were clear from the start – although the packaging needed to be strong and attractive, above all, it needed to be secure. The product was a high value consumable, with the current plastic packaging offering protection against theft. The main concern was that any sort of carton board would make it easier for the packaging to be tampered with.

The blp solution

Our packaging development team set to work, designing a custom prototype. Using solid folding carton board removed the need for plastic – not only is it a flexible substrate but it’s easy to recycle after use. blp is an FSC® certified organisation, guaranteeing to source our materials responsibly and this assurance addressed any sustainability concerns.

The product would no longer be on view to the consumer, so high-quality product imagery was printed onto the packaging, with soft touch finish and foiling to make it stand out among competitor products. 

To meet security concerns, the development team created multiple elements that would work together, making the product less susceptible to theft. Creating an interlocking design between the fitment and the outer packaging would make it more difficult to remove the product inside. 

The fitment was designed to hold the product snugly enough to make it difficult for hasty removal, but flexible enough for the consumer to be able to easily remove it. The inclusion of a specially designed ‘euroslot’ allowed the packaging to hang in-store and be strong enough to prevent it being torn from its holder. 

The results

We created a standout piece of packaging that exceeded the client’s expectations. Using solid folding carton board removed the need for any plastic components and had the added benefit of being completely recyclable after use. The final design was fit for purpose in terms of product security and also attractive to the consumer, instantly drawing their attention to the product. 

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