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Whether an increase in production means you no longer have capacity, or you just don’t have the facilities to pack items yourself, our dedicated co-packing teams can provide the support and flexibility you need. 

We regularly fulfil snack and confectionery products using our VFFS bagging line in our food grade clean room. When a more personal touch is needed, our skilled teams pack items by hand, giving your product the care and attention it deserves. For non-food items, we can assemble and pack complex products in our dedicated packing area.

Our capabilities

Automated bagging line

Our Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) bagging line is perfect for confectionery ...

Hand packing

Our hand packing teams can pack promotional packs, gift boxes and artisan ...

Packet, box and jar filling

We offer a range of contract filling options suitable for seasonal products, ...

Labelling and relabelling

Whether custom labelling or security tabs, our manual packing team can provide ...

Pack collation

From promotions to subscription style kits, we can collate multiple components including ...

Weighing & measuring

Where accuracy is paramount, our hand packing teams can weigh ingredients or ...

The very highest standards

Case Studies

Fulfilling demand in challenging times

Client visits are an integral part of the specifying process when it comes to aesthetic product ranges. Being able to present high-quality samples during sales consultations can showcase the different product options available. 

Help to grow a labour of love

As the first national lockdown took hold, the people of the nation threw themselves into learning new skills and taking up hobbies. As a result, many businesses providing specialist and artisan products began to soar. However, as they grew, they needed to outsource packing and mailing. 

The ability to see a project through from design to delivery

blp’s in-house capabilities mean we can complete a combination of services on one site, from packaging development, printed packaging and co-packing to storage and mailing, giving us full control over every stage of a project. This helps keep costs within budget and reduces overall lead times, which is particularly important for time-sensitive projects. 

Delivering print and co-packing from one place

When it comes to co-packing services, many clients just don’t have the in-house capabilities to complete the project themselves. With a designated packing facility, our skilled packing teams make light work of some of the most demanding projects.


If you don’t have the resources to pack your finished goods yourself, co-packing (contract packing) can be the ideal solution. Our experienced teams can pack a range of food products including confectionery and snacks into film bags, jars, boxes and SRPs. We can also pack non-food items into outer packaging, gift boxes, sample cases and SRPs.

Manual packing means products that are packed by hand and it’s suitable for both food and non-food items. If you have a product that needs the personal touch, hand packing is ideal – from adding custom labels to aesthetic finishes, our team of packers have an exceptional eye for detail.

Our Vertical Form Fill Seal bagging line is ideal for a range of snack and confectionery style products. Our machine accurately weighs and distributes a product along the line, then places it into a film bag, heat sealing it closed. We offer various types of film packaging in a range of different sizes, from ‘grab’ bags to ‘sharing’ bags.

We offer a range of different bag sizes in vertical and horizontal formats up to 150mm in various materials including printed polythene, metallized polythene and clear polythene films. We also offer recyclable films.

We can hand pack any type of snack or confectionery items into individual bags, tubs, jars and boxes. We also pack food kits, including measuring fresh and dry ingredients, adding any utensils that may be needed. Plus, we can pack non-food items, from cosmetics, personal care, pet care and gift packs to hardware sample cases and manufactured components.

We can hand fill a range of different food and non-food items into bottles and jars made of any substrate. However, we don’t fill any type of liquid.

Our food grade room has been designed to accommodate a range of allergen-free products. Our strict hygiene procedures and deep cleans between production runs means there’s no risk of cross contamination. Plus, we carry out additional validation testing after all cleaning procedures to make sure there are no trace allergens.

Yes. Nut-based products are stored in a designated area for allergenic products to make sure they don’t come into contact with other products. Along with our strict hygiene procedures and deep cleans between production runs, there’s no risk of cross contamination. To make sure there are no trace allergens, additional validation testing is also carried out after cleaning procedures.

If you already have the packaging, we’re more than happy for you to provide this. But we also produce custom printed packaging in a variety of substrates and can work with you to create the perfect design for your product. If you require something different, we can source a variety of items, such as plastic or glass jars and films.

Yes. When it comes to packing or bagging certain food products, a clean environment is essential. Our food grade clean room is temperature controlled to make sure products are stored in optimum conditions. With access control, we ensure entry is managed constantly. All our packing teams are required to wear specialist PPE when they’re in the clean room environment too.

This is the internationally recognised industry standard for food contract packing services. Our BRC certification means blp is compliant in following strict processes and procedures when handling your food products. This is your guarantee your project will be completed in a safe, hygienic, and secure environment.

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